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Opus is the most comprehensive EMR solutions for the behavioral health industry on the market. It was created from the ground up to streamline processes and reduce clutter, making your treatment center easier to manage.

Let us worry about day-to-day stuff while you focus on patient care!

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Why Choose Opus Behavioral Health’s EMR?

Opus streamlines operation by converging multiple proprietary features and automating the process, so things happen when they are supposed to. We partnered with small and large treatment centers with different operational styles and needs to develop a solution that saves you time and money so you can focus on patient care.

Our team is comprised of a small group of substance abuse industry experts and senior-level software developers with decades of experience in their respective fields. In combining everyone’s expertise and knowledge of the challenges at hand, we were able to create a product that not only tackles known dilemmas such as billing and medical necessity but also allows administrators to remain confident paperwork is completed on time.

“I personally spent a lot of time auditing charts to make sure everything was completed on time, especially before audits, and when we received records requests from insurance companies. On average, 20% of my time was spent running around looking for things in our old EHR.

Opus provides auditing tools that automate the process and cuts down on auditing time and efforts. We are able to quickly check patient charts with a few clicks to see what’s missing and why.

Now I spend a lot less time with paperwork and have more time to spend with my staff and patients. That allows me to focus on patient care and what our team can do to improve it.

Deborah Vadell, LMFT
Clinical Director,
Comfort Recovery | Miami, Florida

Ann Marie Balkanski, MD
Chief Utilization Review Officer
Niznik Behavioral Health | Miami, Florida

“We used to keep track of reviews in Excel. As our company grew, and because we operate multiple locations, keeping track of things became increasingly tedious, time-consuming, and nearly impossible to execute without making mistakes.

With Opus’ UR Dashboard we are able to keep track of all reviews in a single place, assign reviews to team members, and get alerts when things are due.

We’ve been able to cut down on time and become much more productive as a team. That gives me time to focus on other priorities instead of administrative work. I’m so thankful for this system.”

“We run three inpatient and outpatient facilities across the Dallas metro area with an average census of 90 patients. Between groups, appointments, documentation, and billing, we’ve had our hands full since we first opened in 2017.

Thankfully, we’ve had Opus since day one, and their team was able to help us implement a very lean and streamlined process that saved us a lot of time and money.

We’ve been able to cut down on administrative staff and focus on patient care. Plus their support team rocks, which makes things a lot easier for all of us.”

Felicia DeJean
Executive VP of Operations
Discovery Point Retreat | Dallas, Texas